Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The recent Indian News - True Lies

May be patil didnt encourage any noise and the noise-ists celebrated diwali in kannaught place, karol bagh, and some middle class markets, and threw patil away and gave that sword (Union Home) to P. Chidambaram. The noise-ists may be using him as a bali-ki-bakra and they will noise him and throw off after some time.

1. The Oil PSU officials striked. It went successfully and all the country acted as if they are afraid. Somehow, government ( hiddenly we dont know their demands. because the media is a blanket sphere around the true things. ) gave them what they want and published in the media that somehow it resolved that issue. for that, Media hyped chidambaram as an iron man.

2. Most of the people knew that the DDA lottery is a game and all the things could have already bought by some realtors through their financial institutions - partners. But interestingly, with a "hope" many of the common people ( who dont make any news but all the news are made for them ) spent amount for buying applications and got cheated by the government.

3. The truckers stike went successfully. All their demands met. Ministers and business chate honge un logon ka.. voh. After all, ( On the day before [around 8 days after strike started] the truckers going to stop their strike ) Media published that "Government warned truckers". The next day media published that "Truckers stopped their strike". That day itself was bogi festival. Media published "Flowers all the way" and explained it that "due to truckers strike stopped, we have got flowers for the festival". [] It is a story. But I think media is meant to show what happened. May be people think that media is there to do whatever they wish. Who is gonna suffer ?

The snapshot of that story is this...

The Bombayi diwali <- Hilton hotels. ========================= "!!". The Cricket and the Coke drinks ======================= Who knows the coke drinks contain 'cheerleader tax within their cost' ?? All the people who watch cricket and drink a coke are paying for the female species dance without clothes in the public. If a cloth is tight enough to show the structure, what is the use of wearing it ? Evry body is a tribe. ============== They dont wish themselves be called as a tribe.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Everyone, is a theif.

We eat food after buying it after it gets harvested with hard work, cooked, and served. Though we give money, but we dont harvest, or cook. After all, we will give money but not the hard work when they did to give food to us. so, we robbed something and compensating that robbery. It is legal. To question it, is ' illegal in minds '.

Except the real labour who puts the plant in the field has some right to eat it. none otherwise.
Is that earth gets food by itself ? or will it have to reimburse that sunlight to the sun after sometime ?? ( One Lakh question marks. This could become a theory. Nations could easily put 'sunlight tax' if this idea is leaked.)