Monday, October 10, 2011

I think ridiculously awesome.

Do you believe that someone called dawood ibrahim is living ?
I dont. I assume the realtors of the country could have killed some person with that name and use media to make people afraid of someone and so they make people believe that there is some need for forces in place. Actual gambling is to make people afraid of someone and make them quite for no reason but to rule.

Need to buttcare for us is that all this is done with our money. Money is directly proportional to work.

Do you believe that Philosophers were beaten to death just because they told new things ?
I dont. I assume and believe that all people then were known all the facts. That the earth was round and not tabular, etc. What made them to beat philosophers to death is that they hated the philosophers getting the normal things published in the media and "owning" the thought and thereby get people's ojah. (punyam) All gods are similar. Gods are bitches by birth, and you and I wish to fuck them to give them our own energy. After fucking them, they are the owners of our - no - their invisible energy.

(Hope no one beats me to death. huh. I think none in the current times know this.)
I am not wishing to get others' ojah. Even if someone appreciates, I shit it. yaawk its of others'. hooh.. shit. thoo. spit.

Do you believe that saddam hussain is really dead?
I dont. show me the video of his death. 

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Meanings to White English

Often, after Americans bitch at innocent people around the world, they talk in front of the media in Pentagon's public relations rooms. Here you find some Common - English - meanings ( Which Common People like you and I should understand as.. ) to their phrases.

  1. No longer a problem = It is Dead
  2. Ethnic Cleansing = We did a genocide ( Killed millions and millions of people)
  3. Friend Fire = Accidentally Fire on Colleague Army Personnel 
  4. Security Assistance = Arms Sales
  5. Neutralize = Kill
  6. Take out = Destroy
  7. Inoperative Combat Personnel = Dead Soldier
  8. Pacification = Bombing
  9. Service a Target = Dropping bombs on a target
  10. Collateral Damage = Bombed Cities
  11. Strategic Redeployment = Retreat
  12. Liberate = Invade
  13. Reporting Guidelines = How to censor
  14. Preemptive = Unprovoked

The fact that language is not innocent and can be used to manipulate the way people perceive things is apparent in Media & Wars.

In fact, Media is an Organized Crime. 

Google partnered with Pakistan against India

I started to examine Indian Map since I was in my 4th class, When I had to show Indian Map drew by me, to my teacher. I did it. So I feel I am the witness of the borders. ( At least, How Indian Government told its people ).

Now look at this image...

In the new earth browsers, Jammu & Kashmir is shown as a separate border other than India. 

One part of J&K was shown as if it is controlled by Pakistan ( Pakistan 'controlled' ) 

Some part of it is showed as Indian Controlled J&K. Some other chunk is named something entirely different.

The recent 'Discovery' and 'NGC' channels ( They are funded Mafia, and would tell the people that you are the first telephone maker if you give them money ) shows voiced over (Back ground voice) that 'Ladakh' is a "disputed border" between "China & Pakistan". They did not even mention anything about India. So slowly people ( Not just Indians ) believe that it is the truth. The truth is that what I knew always, that Jammu and Kasmir the complete state is of India. Since Farookh Abdullah was made CM there, he shitted that place and back bitched Indian Government.

But there is a glitch with the MM Singh. He recently made no comments when Farookh made the syllabus of J&K independent of India. Which means, that Farookh is running a madarsah, and a funded muslim jihad, in J&K. Which is acceptable to MM Singh. Which means, He created enormous divide and rule practice for a generation. ( Because, day by day, Children studied there, think as if their syllabus is different, and is not at all in sync with the Indian syllabus. Who knows that they are not being taught jihad on the name of religion ? When they grow up, they argue with Indian students that "Indian Students learnt Bullshit".) 

Being PM of a 1/6 th populated country of the world, Do you think that MM Singh don't know of this impact ? if it feels like that to you, go and ask an appointment with him, and eat his shit and come.

But anyhow, if none of us shouts, It will be "assumed" by International Courts and the UN. So I am shouting here. And I assume that all readers of my blog "heard my shout".

The Bitch Brain called 10^100

By facilitating and 'educating' the people who are "Free of their choice", Mafia ( By terming it as a Social Business ), Companies make people to use more of their products. There is No benefit for whoever get the funding for development but they end up in a slavery where they use the products of their funders.

This is a collective intelligence of Business Mafia to fool people and to trap them. This game is called "Playing with & by Brain"*. After that, People have no escape once they felt other than to die according to their dictation. So now I understand that Noble prize itself is a Mafia. Why And How. The Business, The Noble Prize Gambles, The Media and Government - Everything are "Organized Crimes" when truth is to be told.

In clear words, Companies fund poor people not because they love them, but because they want some ones to appreciate whatever bullshit the companies generate.

This is something related to evolution. Intended for Big Bastards.

The Strategy of Chromium Web Store - Where the Web - no no - The TV is the business

That is where chrome will dominate other browsers.To make a Web Browser as an Operating System, It has to make sure people will shift towards Desktop Icons to Web Browser Icons. Lots of people are used to use icons now on their desktops. With all that brainshare tapped, Chrome team will make people feel at home on the New Chromium OS.

And surprisingly, Their Icons (Our Application icons) will look "GREAT !!". Who would use firefox then ? shit, I just shit on that once Chrome will bring these Icons. This is called "Social Business". Training People to use the products of Businesses. (Whatever shit or not it makes).
And such a thing on a TV (For Which no one made an OS yet but chrome team) and that TV making Android apps running on it - The Chromium OS has a history in itself. A Strategy that should be understood.

And even surprisingly, Later on, They plan to make the android market apps run on Google TV, which makes the Android can be run on different devices, Flash will be Eye dragging runtime, The TV Screen itself is the Chrome Frame, Who will go to lookout for a Windowed PC ? And the vice versa, If all these stuff if Chrome team does not plan, Who will bother to go to Chrome ?