Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voice of Myself

I was hearing myself. I was thinking what it means to evolve. I understood that it is 'coined word' by useless countries to make 'good' countries to think that it may be something that useless worst fellows has. And believe that One 'should' become a useless worst fellow, if he has to live. Good countries should understand how to understand this game.

While listening, I understood that Jesus Christ could've been a waste fellow. Just like you. Brits / Ameris killed him and made a media hype that there is something called BC. Just for their enthusiasm.

Leave them. Understand the evolution. In the past 4000 years, You are just like that. They are just like that. There were nothing called medieval ages or somethings. they were just media words to grab people's attention and sit and eat. I believe that there is nothing called evolution. It is all media that tries to live without working for food. All you get is forgetting what you are able to get and get the colorful things you wear. Just like monkey gets kitchen clothes and a banana somebody donated; when it dances for a man's food.

Are you concerned knowing what 'actually' happened. Do you really care for what actually happened or you just believe what you have been told by the media ?

Stop caring media. You will not die doing that. Atleast you evolve in your way. not some others' way.


Oil countries recognized that America is not a 'good country' to live with. All Oil Countries ignored America. They supported 'Europeans' for their security. 'Euro' s started depreciating the dollar. But Americans are habituated to eat being seated. They dont want to support aggriculture. So they 'somehow' need to support their dollar. So they 'somehow' has to 'hype' their dollar. How ? how ? how ?
Here comes India. India has so many people who saved their 'sweat' in the form of 'dollars'. So with them, America 'unnecessarily' created media hype that India has rich in U-technologies. Now they have to 'bound' to IAEA. India has the option to 'reject'. But it did not do it. Though They 'can' withdraw their dollars and immediately buy big amounts of rupees, and they could do good to the country, and to themselves. To their hearts. But they did not do that. So now, the gambling is 'selling' Indian U-Intelligence to America. And what is the condition ? India has to take "dollars" for their U-intelligence. So now, America can easily print dollars and give to India. Who is checking if America is really printing dollars according to 'rules' agreed by the international communities ? None. So now, the equation is India is selling their sweat, frustration, useless hardwork for 'nothing'. Because it is just a 'hyped' dollar.

Are you thinking that I am speaking all crap ?. Does any Indian concerned of this ?
Do any Indian care understanding this game ? You man.. Do you care this thinking at all ?
Stop nonsense and stop buying their products. They ARE USELESS.

Do you have any choice ?

What if I am made as 'commet' by the 'God' and been told to go to the 'Sun' and do some job ?
Do I have an option ? I just have to go to the 'Sun' and talk to him ?

Okay forget. Do you have any choice ? Or are you just living with whatever you get because you are born ?

Monday, November 24, 2008

The Phylosophy of the "Intelligence"

There is an Earth on which there are so many continents which have so many countries. Irrespective of there are 'those' things, there are living beings. Earth is a Living being in its own sense, which has water content in it. Its waters also have some living beings in it.

Ohh Okay, We are talking about 'Intelligence'. Then we have to stick to 'human' No story needed. It is all robbing. African people wont even request for somethings. But Americans and Britishs go there, and will fund 'media' to propagate as if they are dying of hunger, and they grab those lands which are 'meant' for fertility. Meant to contain life. I dont understand what we people actually want to 'understand' or 'evolve' when poor people who are "By Birth" "Immensely " rich by their own, are being killed.

Ohh, okay, I have to tell you what is the phylosophy of "Intelligence".
This is it. Sitting and eating is called "Intelligence". Only human has that "Intelligence".

The Communist

What is that ? Equality? Or is the Passion for Equality? Or is the Passion for keeping equality? Fine, I have a question. The species called "women" are born to give birth to an "Entirely Life Element" with such a pain they only can withstand or understand. What the species called "men" is giving them ? Being the wisher of that birth ? Being the 'prayer' of the "Woman" for that gift?

But still why women do it ? It is just an 'intentional' wastage of all available energy "Women" have. And being weeker species. Men does not have the ability to give birth. Still they 'show off' their 'attractiveness'. Women have all the things. But still they wastely 'starve for recognition'. Crap.

Ohh, this crap feelings are the 'communist'. They starve for interdependence. Being able to kill Oppositions. Without Communism (These feelings), Universe cannot survive. But without evolution, Universe can survive.

The Principle of Earth

What can be the principle of the Earth ? To always give food for fools like us who doesnt work for it but enjoy taking food from the hard workers ? Or destroying all of us when it likes ? What is "Good" or "Bad" ? On what "basis" are they made ? What laws should govern us ? What actually does the "Universe" likes ? Bad ? Good ? or no reason at all ? If there is no reason, It will not keep quiet like this. It could have kept on moving like a ""fast"" ameoba in the emptiness. But it is not like that. It has some reason. And so, it is looking for that if the people are bound towards that reason. What if "those" reasons are lost ? Will the Universe destroy earth ? Or just the people on it? Or all the species on it ? Or just the "Bad" Species ? Or the "Evolved species" ? Or will it destroy the "Good species"? Or will it destroy all and create a new species called "Good species"? Or "Bad Species"? Will all this makes any sense ? Will this 'thing' happen ? If so, How ? By itself ? Or by Human ? Or by 'Dogs' ? Will it give U235 to dogs and ask them to blast ?

Evolution - The art of killing. Adharma Yuddha.

It is just way of 'killing' element human created without 'patience to understand'. Human can 'never' create the Earth by himself. Even if he is 'able' to create, The earth could be "Laughing Out Louder" to see that maverick 'talent/stunt' human has. By that time, Universe could have created 1000 planets elsewhere and could have destroyed 1 lakh commets elsewhere. Huh, lol. Keep quite. I am a 'Fool'.

If evolution is the right principle, why are we not killing each other right now ?
Darwin has lied. I just have to confirm if he and his team intentionally lied or lied by chance.