Tuesday, June 29, 2010

My Concerns

In J&K recently, School Syllabus is differentiated from the rest of the country.
Which will lead eventually by the time those children grow up, They do argue against India'a habits. ( Syllabus change may include many things ). What should 've been Manmohan Singh's Motto ?

JKLF leader was forcefully married to a girl whose families had differences before. What could be the reason and who could 've been the beneficiaries ??

Tamil Nadu High Court, including the Judge, were beaten ( Which is a non-arguable offence ) and the media houses were not telling the truth. The reason We found recently, from our relatives, that Tamil Nadu Lawyers were forced to talk in Hindi while court proceeds hearing. They refused, saying they would only talk in Tamil. If they wish, they would try talk in any language of their choice but they wont undergo the 'mandated madness'. We agree that Tamils were correct and We support them. Our question is who the dog dick licker is behind this Drama ?

While Tamils were massacred on no-reason but in support for Tamil-ism, the media houses were playing dramas of hiding that news from Us, Indians. Why and who was the dog-dick licker behind this ?

Recently in Indian Syllabus, Our friends told me that Bhagat Singh and the likes were portrayed as Terrorists and We are trying to know what could be the gamble ? Is that british control got a hand ?

Recent concept of Common Wealth games and the concept behind it, is regulated by a UK body which suffers some sort of king's pressure. What is Common Wealth ? Is that Our sweat for these many years is going to be "common hard work" ?