Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rwanda's Bagosora sentenced to life for genocide

Yesterday, I just thought to refresh how the TV is behaving. ( I stopped watching it as I understood that media is an Organised Crime ). Okay, I have tuned my TV, and watched BBC for about 3 hours, slept.

Within these three hours, I got the picture of the world's organized crime. A Journalist was yelling that "These people are farming in the public places. These people have learnt to farm anywhere.... etc." In the background, Some black people are acting as if they are doing farming in a huge Farmland. In the background of them, in a long distance, you can identify some houses for people's living. I understood that this is a funded activity to make people believe that they are doing 'something' but it should mind like "it is not liked by people who are watching it". Now the journalist is dressed in a good way. ( Who actually a work hide, does not know how to do farming and so, roaming in the streets ) And so people will think like the real farmers feeding their stomach are doing something wrong. And after sometime, the same jounalists (media) will keep on making that sort of news, and slowly incept their work-hide nature there, and slowly try to grab their lands and make them (those are real-Sadhu s - they beg their food from earth) helpless.

Unconditionally, that journalist is a no-brainer. anyway, you can comment that I have no brain, too, in some other sense.

then, I have refreshed what sort of things were going on in the world, and then, I have seen the sentensce for a person with charges of genocide.

Now lets think...
That person was charged with a genocide implementation which claims that he was responsible for killing about 80k people. The number in actual, may differ. All senior lawyers in the International tribunals, have keenly followed, it took about 400+ days to finalize. I got to know that it is an important thing after the WW-2, that Tribunals are "able" to deal with genocides. I had lots of questions internal in my mind. How can a person actually does a genocide ? With what confidence can a person at all... do like that ?? And, That tribunal... that concept itself is wague. Can anyone in this world bring such a person to the Law and argue and make him obey that he has done something and accept the punishment ? And that too, what it makes to him or to the tribunal to make him sentenced. What the world has known ? That it can sentence a person who genocides ? Huh !! We should stop at some point. Making processes for dealing with such nonsenses is too worst, than hinting people in advance to do something. I mean I dont think that the International Tribunals and governments do not know that something like this is being planned. And that too, I believe that the whites could have done that, and shown to the media like it is done by the so called Bagosora, and sentenced. I mean the complete thing is a planned activity by International community. I mean I am questioning that are people know how to think or not... Do I have any sense to suspect like this ?? Or is that you dont have any real thinking process that " understands " the things ??

Monday, December 15, 2008

G4S - The Impact. ( And the likes of it )

G4S is a private security firm. Which means a "Bunch of Security" people can hold the grip of private buildings in a "Secured way". Which means they can question people work there, in some way of their like. Which means they can make people behave as they wish. They can slowly ask for 'correctness in their own way'. Which is the reason behind the inception of this. Slowly private firms try to ask permission from the Government ( If people do not oppose ) to use weapons. Then they slowly would try to fight against government. Which then, would become a separate Legal force against government. Which means it is a separate law enforced place inside the country itself. Which is a "private Entity". Which means government gives them permission to them to impose "their own rules inside it".

You know what ? You are at that scenario now. It is you to decide to fight now. ( Because you have to fight anyhow. )

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sodexho - What is the impact of it ??

I am thinking constantly for the past 6 months of what could be the impact ( the reason behind its inception ). For a reasonable time, It was not moving further to a constructive thinking. ( So for a few months I happened to ignore it and think about some other things. )

Now I got some leasure, I am trying to think on the impact of this usage of Sodexho. ( My thinking always stops at the truth. Which leads to the solution )

The 'Sodexho coupons' are some paper coupons which are accepted by some shops equivalent as money if you wish to buy food items from them. ( This is meant for trading food items).
The Shops have to submit these coupons for a lesser money ( after deduction of their taxes [TDS] ) at some organization. The First mad thing about this scenario is the organization is a US driven, which means All Indians who use these sodexho are governed by US organizations for their tax liability. Shame that You did not go to a river to jump and die. If you are using Sodexho.

One point is cleared. it is useless. But I am trying to think the Impact of its usage. ( The reason behind its inception. )
What could be the impact. ?? Let us think.. Now the tax is governed by a US organization. India has to beg this organization for its own money. Anyway, now some people got used to this sodexho, so people are supporting a currency lead by US organization, atleast in some parts of India. Which means that this organization can introduce dollars as a reimbursement for these sodexho coupons. So People who have direct US presense in US ( Indian internationals ) will benefit by this. Which means, Indian Internationals are securing their taxes and thereby, their money ( which is India's hard work ) under US people. I dont know how did they believe and incepted this into their organizations. So, The Most rich Indians are legally not paying a part of their tax to Indian government.

The Impact of some thing is the "Reason behind its inception"

Advertizing. The Right, to Choose. ( It was an old thought ). I know that it is otherwise.

Suppose Someone want to sell more and more peanuts ( just because that someone will have its stock by some time). He will look for some day, and fund some people to celebrate Peanut Festival to eat all peanut made items on that day of the month / year. Which is an advertisement, and will become a tradition from there on, which will enable you to easily sell your peanuts. The reason behind that advertisement is this impact. People (You, the Common Men) will think it as if it is a tradition. but it was a Funded Advertisement.

Someone directed a worst movie. You can easily suicide in the theater if there is a fan and you can catch it. But He directed that movie with the money with a hope that All people are fools like him, and this film is gonna be a big hit. But all invited people spit on the screen and went. His Director is used to direct movies like that. His director always invites the same kind of people to watch the movie. And always they go after spitting on the screen. Some vomit. After all happened, His director gave some money to all those people and made an advertisement with them in which they all said, "This movie is gonna rock, it is wonderful." They showed the same thing on the TV and I got the movie hit.

If you people agree for anything if some useless person praises something, what is the use for you that you have a separate brain and separate life ? Why you took a separate brain to live with A complete sensing system ?

Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Gods are Fools.

You know the 'concept' (God) of Rama. Who worked hard ( atleast as a character in the drama ) to keep the value of sticking to a Single spouse. In the same world, You find Krishna ( A character with an imaginary number of belusters ). Take what ever god, no body told you what you needed. And they themselves conflict with their foolish stories. ( Even though they are dramas, your mind believes them ).

Every God ( This Jesus christ seems to be a Grand Fool (May be he is good at heart) which could be a real person killed by media people to make story books and sell to people. ) is a Fool in their own sense.

And people are so useless, all believe some or the other. even I believe 'Universe' is 'created' not 'formed'. ( Or, in my sense, creation and formation are the same things which are selfs )

The Earth is currently lead by Work-hides. I am wishing it could destroy itself.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Beggar - The Ultimate Advertiser.

I am surprised to understand that " Every one who advertises in this world, is a Beggar ".

I happen to see so many beggars with repeating faces. They normally have only one 'character' in the show. (Show' s name is "The Earth and the Real Life.") One lady I see, she has a permanent make up kit, that ugly looking ties around hand and a really ugly saree ( She cares to wear something, She has more sense than a filmy heroine, ofcourse. ) and puts that feeling which says "If you dont donate, this could be my last breath".

Any way, they learned how to impress people and get a rupee for their eating. It has a sense. Particularly in the developed world. They are not asking you anything for free. Only if they could impress you, you 'will give that cost for that advertisement'. They advertise with hard work without even spending any money. If they are asked some money to roam on the streets, they could beg a bit more. may be ten rupees for each time they beg at a person.

I do not see any difference between a bitan watch seller and these beggars. Just that The bitan watch seller begs in TV, the core beggars beg on the road. The bitan watch has a 70% of its cost goes to advertisement cost. Bolgate paste would advertise and impress you to buy it. And it will give about 40% of its cost just for advertising. See anything. You beg god for something. You advertise with a tight jeans pant to show off your Muscles and thighs (to others' wives). And your wife be knowing that you have gone to office on sunday just because you have seen a rat in your home that morning.

Have a happy begging.

How to understand T&C

A Sticker company made its terms & conditions as :

"void where prohibited and only while supplies last."

Which means that :

1. They have a chance of prohibition by governments.
2. But Some Governements did not prohibit their publications as they have not yet published.
3. The Stickers once are finished stocks in the Sticker company, they are not responsible for their existence.
4. Which means that the stickers can be circulated after their stocks are over in the sticker company.
5. So, The sticker company manages to manufacture, publish within a week., and people start using them after a week. Though they are prohibited from the governments by then, people will be using them. So, the governments try to keep quite and wait for people to understand the impact of those stickers and stop using them by themselves. By which time, people think it is 'normal' to use them.

6. Which means now, The sticker manufacturer gets 'requests from people' to manufacture them.
7. Which means people are interested in a prohibited thing.
8. Which means, anything when habituated,

enough said. .

Thursday, December 4, 2008

All we people need is 'an appreciator'

Even if 'an appreciator' appreciate or not, your mind 'assumes appreciation' for what it just suggested you. In your mind, you will put 'an appreciator' to keep on appreciating you. For whatever nonsense you do.

When you dont look for anybody's appreciation, life will be peaceful. You dont need to look for correctness., You dont need to 'show off'.

You will just live 'your own life'. Not the one somebody wished you to live.

Boond boond mein vishwas

Kiska boond ? The Dog's or the rat's ? Or, is that the employees sweat ??

Stop buying water for your children' sake. It is nonsense for sure.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

What is the Impact ??

What's on the ramp today could be on the streets tomorrow.

...What did you understand ? See Axe Ad. A glass shop having precious ( as they look to be, ) female children. May be their parents care their foot for their daughters.

Any way, Will you care more than your foot for your children ? Then why are you seeing those Ads ? Seeing is accepting. Do you want your precious children be like that ? ( Do you think by that time, you will evolve ? )


Tuesday, December 2, 2008

The Artillery and the Stable. The Country's defence Force

The DRDO is the main one and only Country's Defence equipment authority. It, since many days, stopped manufacturing weapons, and buying them from Israel. Which means, Israel can sell the low quality weapons to India. Which means, They know The complete style of attack ( They know the weapons in advance) from us. Which means, We can never win if we for a play, declare war on Israel.

I do not understand what made DRDO officials take such a decision. May be they know that ministry eats and sells to other countries if it puts its intelligence for us.

Which means you know what. ( I interpret that as you do not have any shame paying taxes for losing your own existence... )