Monday, April 13, 2009

Another silent Monopoly of the Software World - Open Source. duh !!

If you have a good knowledge of the Software field, and the online world and its doggish behaviour, you will easily identify business is habituating people to use internet and track their behavioral malfunctions [may be we should call them as functions rather than malfunctions. functionally people are bad.] ( We know - Every one of us is a theif, blah blah ). And then you will notice that by the name of open source, Google is tapping the peoples brains to motivate to transform the world to use internet more and of all of the ad revenue share, it is tapping more revenue. ( It is like a private kingdom to make sure their stakeholders interests are met.) Then some day, If no one objects, google becomes monolpoly of the internet but names it as the "Open Source". But every business needs to advertise ( Use google ), Understand the behaviour of the people ( Use google ), blah blah ( Use google )...

Which is a silent monopoly of the internet. If You and I keep quite, who will beat it ?
It should be destroyed with a rocket for us to compete with it. isnt it ? deh ?? No that is not my wish but... I am incepted for a while by the business leaders prior to google and am speaking them out in my blog...

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