Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Yes, We are the thoughts - OFCOURSE.

I do not know about the 'existing' world completely, I have gone all the ends of the - (may be 'my') mind.

Literally there is no meaning for 'meaning'. We are senses and we just think and understand what is it to be understand. 'Ourselves', the senses. Imagine if we could not sense any thing. Even the world is existing, we could not recognize it, it will be an amoeba. We sense ourselves. Sound is us, and the listener is us. We say, We are sensing 'listening' the phenomenon called 'sound'. In the world of electricities(Just like our we are the world of humans), electricities will discuss with each other, as 'I just lit a bulb'. You know, if there is no one to recognize or we dont want to have someone's appreciation, we just keep quite and do things just to understand that those things are done. Just like electricity does the thing to understand that the something is been done.

Does electricity understands anything ? May be it does. Because, We can divide 'understanding' and 'responding'.

Surprisingly, So many people do not "believe" in Ghosts. I do not understand a shit what does it mean by "believe". And so many ( ofcourse all, including me, ) people bluff that they do not "believe" ghosts or some things other...

Heck, If we dont have something existing, we are creating. And all the people are creating. glass was not there, a tea mug was not there, before my birth, my dick was not there.. But we all created so many things that were not there. We destroyed so many things that were there. And we may recreate them again without knowing that they were there, and With so much hard work and food & blood and "INTEREST for NEW THINGS".

Heeh... I understood that people are mad. But do you people understand that you all are mad ?

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