Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Search the Future.

Now, can you search the brain ? I mean without we trying hard to digitize it using gadgets provided to us, all the time. I mean can these people in front of each other, can send chunks of search queries to each other's brains and get answers ? ( I am a moron and believe that this is what our brains do all the time but I do not know if it is true. )
Huh.. A lot more, or (Some, I did not compare the numbers with statistics) people think that they know the future. I too think that I know my future. I think that I live for about 75 years ( Surprisingly, really.) And I think that I die and wake when and then in mind. ( Yes, yes, I am mad. )_

Long back, I thought that the normal mobile services would collapse due to a fibre optics burndown or crash due to some heat waves in & around Australia. I quoted this to my friends about 5 years back. I mentioned some time frame like around 2008-2009 & 10.

But my question then was to search the future. With Calendar schedules & Contact theories, we can predict the schedules of schedule-sticking people. That we can be able to search what a person may be doing at a later time in the future. But this might be a 3-4 % of the life. There are so many other topics, and so we are now too far from searching the future.

But What I think is, If some people believe that they know the future, and they argue that they have come across some such facts, Why cant we encourage them to put their predictions to the people. It is not a wrong thing to predict a non-happening thing. Some may be correct. But we can get a glimpse of how can prediction happen...

I shall try to put a site where people can blog about their predictions solely.
And prediction search queries should find my site good enough. Request you to suggest me some name :)

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