Sunday, July 18, 2010

Finstein - The next 'E'instein

I was talking about some concept similar to this.

Einstein was actually talking about the time theories and the dynamics of moving bodies. Which actually are different depending on the place and motions they have. What I was understanding was that the earth's gravity might not be taken into account in some situational physics and thus, an evolution of theory of relativity happened. This was science, and was paid to do some research. He was a big physicist for now.

Now I was surprised to know about something like a biological clock. I heard that a Biological clock differs most from some other species than ours. Biological clock itself is biased many ways. Some think it is metabolism in different species. Any way the comprising meaning of it is the clock that surprises you on doing some natural things. Birds migrate to different regions of geography at the similar times in a year. Earth rotates exactly 365+/- days a year. why does not it go wrong ? Of course, our time is built on top of it and tries to stick to it. But then, why earth's rotation doesn't go wrong ? who takes care of it ?

Species theories suggest that different species have different metabolic systems. Why humans have an average of 60+ year life span but not dogs ? Do dogs live 'faster' ? If so, why ? Who needed that 'fastness' ? Where exactly we can locate this biological clock ? We can locate it by understanding the nature and systems but if we do so, we have to agree that with out nature, the biological clock can not exist. But if this is not the case, Biological clock exists without nature too. But what is its existence ? Is that the planetary system ? Is it the galaxies ? Is that the dust in them ? If we agree on this, we have to agree that without the galaxies and the dust, there wont be an existence to the biological clock.


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