Saturday, August 25, 2012

What have Chidambaram Said

That day I first viewed Chidambaram saying something on Telangana, was "Process on Telangana will be initiated.". We forecast-ed what exactly happening now. He knew in advance that people are idiots and he wanted to prove that to people themselves.

He knew in advance that local politicians will use that statement to tilt and irritate people by itching their testicles. He knew in advance that people do not understand the meaning of "process" which has plenty of openness in it if he wish or wish not to offer Telangana at all because he just initiates the process, feasibility will be decided. If it is not feasible, Keep quite.

 If they do not kill their politicians now itself, one can understand what will happen.

I am here who know all. (IN ADVANCE.)

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