Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Oil countries recognized that America is not a 'good country' to live with. All Oil Countries ignored America. They supported 'Europeans' for their security. 'Euro' s started depreciating the dollar. But Americans are habituated to eat being seated. They dont want to support aggriculture. So they 'somehow' need to support their dollar. So they 'somehow' has to 'hype' their dollar. How ? how ? how ?
Here comes India. India has so many people who saved their 'sweat' in the form of 'dollars'. So with them, America 'unnecessarily' created media hype that India has rich in U-technologies. Now they have to 'bound' to IAEA. India has the option to 'reject'. But it did not do it. Though They 'can' withdraw their dollars and immediately buy big amounts of rupees, and they could do good to the country, and to themselves. To their hearts. But they did not do that. So now, the gambling is 'selling' Indian U-Intelligence to America. And what is the condition ? India has to take "dollars" for their U-intelligence. So now, America can easily print dollars and give to India. Who is checking if America is really printing dollars according to 'rules' agreed by the international communities ? None. So now, the equation is India is selling their sweat, frustration, useless hardwork for 'nothing'. Because it is just a 'hyped' dollar.

Are you thinking that I am speaking all crap ?. Does any Indian concerned of this ?
Do any Indian care understanding this game ? You man.. Do you care this thinking at all ?
Stop nonsense and stop buying their products. They ARE USELESS.

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  1. There is one more thing here. I forgot to quote.

    It is the real estates companies' gambling. They always equip themselves with weapons to fight and to exhibit their king-like lifestyles in the future. In the dark, these idiots plan kingdoms and gather in british lands and american lands. Their people are more fools than us.