Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Voice of Myself

I was hearing myself. I was thinking what it means to evolve. I understood that it is 'coined word' by useless countries to make 'good' countries to think that it may be something that useless worst fellows has. And believe that One 'should' become a useless worst fellow, if he has to live. Good countries should understand how to understand this game.

While listening, I understood that Jesus Christ could've been a waste fellow. Just like you. Brits / Ameris killed him and made a media hype that there is something called BC. Just for their enthusiasm.

Leave them. Understand the evolution. In the past 4000 years, You are just like that. They are just like that. There were nothing called medieval ages or somethings. they were just media words to grab people's attention and sit and eat. I believe that there is nothing called evolution. It is all media that tries to live without working for food. All you get is forgetting what you are able to get and get the colorful things you wear. Just like monkey gets kitchen clothes and a banana somebody donated; when it dances for a man's food.

Are you concerned knowing what 'actually' happened. Do you really care for what actually happened or you just believe what you have been told by the media ?

Stop caring media. You will not die doing that. Atleast you evolve in your way. not some others' way.

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