Monday, November 24, 2008

The Phylosophy of the "Intelligence"

There is an Earth on which there are so many continents which have so many countries. Irrespective of there are 'those' things, there are living beings. Earth is a Living being in its own sense, which has water content in it. Its waters also have some living beings in it.

Ohh Okay, We are talking about 'Intelligence'. Then we have to stick to 'human' No story needed. It is all robbing. African people wont even request for somethings. But Americans and Britishs go there, and will fund 'media' to propagate as if they are dying of hunger, and they grab those lands which are 'meant' for fertility. Meant to contain life. I dont understand what we people actually want to 'understand' or 'evolve' when poor people who are "By Birth" "Immensely " rich by their own, are being killed.

Ohh, okay, I have to tell you what is the phylosophy of "Intelligence".
This is it. Sitting and eating is called "Intelligence". Only human has that "Intelligence".

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