Monday, November 24, 2008

The Communist

What is that ? Equality? Or is the Passion for Equality? Or is the Passion for keeping equality? Fine, I have a question. The species called "women" are born to give birth to an "Entirely Life Element" with such a pain they only can withstand or understand. What the species called "men" is giving them ? Being the wisher of that birth ? Being the 'prayer' of the "Woman" for that gift?

But still why women do it ? It is just an 'intentional' wastage of all available energy "Women" have. And being weeker species. Men does not have the ability to give birth. Still they 'show off' their 'attractiveness'. Women have all the things. But still they wastely 'starve for recognition'. Crap.

Ohh, this crap feelings are the 'communist'. They starve for interdependence. Being able to kill Oppositions. Without Communism (These feelings), Universe cannot survive. But without evolution, Universe can survive.

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