Monday, November 24, 2008

The Principle of Earth

What can be the principle of the Earth ? To always give food for fools like us who doesnt work for it but enjoy taking food from the hard workers ? Or destroying all of us when it likes ? What is "Good" or "Bad" ? On what "basis" are they made ? What laws should govern us ? What actually does the "Universe" likes ? Bad ? Good ? or no reason at all ? If there is no reason, It will not keep quiet like this. It could have kept on moving like a ""fast"" ameoba in the emptiness. But it is not like that. It has some reason. And so, it is looking for that if the people are bound towards that reason. What if "those" reasons are lost ? Will the Universe destroy earth ? Or just the people on it? Or all the species on it ? Or just the "Bad" Species ? Or the "Evolved species" ? Or will it destroy the "Good species"? Or will it destroy all and create a new species called "Good species"? Or "Bad Species"? Will all this makes any sense ? Will this 'thing' happen ? If so, How ? By itself ? Or by Human ? Or by 'Dogs' ? Will it give U235 to dogs and ask them to blast ?

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