Thursday, December 18, 2008

Rwanda's Bagosora sentenced to life for genocide

Yesterday, I just thought to refresh how the TV is behaving. ( I stopped watching it as I understood that media is an Organised Crime ). Okay, I have tuned my TV, and watched BBC for about 3 hours, slept.

Within these three hours, I got the picture of the world's organized crime. A Journalist was yelling that "These people are farming in the public places. These people have learnt to farm anywhere.... etc." In the background, Some black people are acting as if they are doing farming in a huge Farmland. In the background of them, in a long distance, you can identify some houses for people's living. I understood that this is a funded activity to make people believe that they are doing 'something' but it should mind like "it is not liked by people who are watching it". Now the journalist is dressed in a good way. ( Who actually a work hide, does not know how to do farming and so, roaming in the streets ) And so people will think like the real farmers feeding their stomach are doing something wrong. And after sometime, the same jounalists (media) will keep on making that sort of news, and slowly incept their work-hide nature there, and slowly try to grab their lands and make them (those are real-Sadhu s - they beg their food from earth) helpless.

Unconditionally, that journalist is a no-brainer. anyway, you can comment that I have no brain, too, in some other sense.

then, I have refreshed what sort of things were going on in the world, and then, I have seen the sentensce for a person with charges of genocide.

Now lets think...
That person was charged with a genocide implementation which claims that he was responsible for killing about 80k people. The number in actual, may differ. All senior lawyers in the International tribunals, have keenly followed, it took about 400+ days to finalize. I got to know that it is an important thing after the WW-2, that Tribunals are "able" to deal with genocides. I had lots of questions internal in my mind. How can a person actually does a genocide ? With what confidence can a person at all... do like that ?? And, That tribunal... that concept itself is wague. Can anyone in this world bring such a person to the Law and argue and make him obey that he has done something and accept the punishment ? And that too, what it makes to him or to the tribunal to make him sentenced. What the world has known ? That it can sentence a person who genocides ? Huh !! We should stop at some point. Making processes for dealing with such nonsenses is too worst, than hinting people in advance to do something. I mean I dont think that the International Tribunals and governments do not know that something like this is being planned. And that too, I believe that the whites could have done that, and shown to the media like it is done by the so called Bagosora, and sentenced. I mean the complete thing is a planned activity by International community. I mean I am questioning that are people know how to think or not... Do I have any sense to suspect like this ?? Or is that you dont have any real thinking process that " understands " the things ??

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