Monday, December 15, 2008

G4S - The Impact. ( And the likes of it )

G4S is a private security firm. Which means a "Bunch of Security" people can hold the grip of private buildings in a "Secured way". Which means they can question people work there, in some way of their like. Which means they can make people behave as they wish. They can slowly ask for 'correctness in their own way'. Which is the reason behind the inception of this. Slowly private firms try to ask permission from the Government ( If people do not oppose ) to use weapons. Then they slowly would try to fight against government. Which then, would become a separate Legal force against government. Which means it is a separate law enforced place inside the country itself. Which is a "private Entity". Which means government gives them permission to them to impose "their own rules inside it".

You know what ? You are at that scenario now. It is you to decide to fight now. ( Because you have to fight anyhow. )

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