Thursday, December 4, 2008

All we people need is 'an appreciator'

Even if 'an appreciator' appreciate or not, your mind 'assumes appreciation' for what it just suggested you. In your mind, you will put 'an appreciator' to keep on appreciating you. For whatever nonsense you do.

When you dont look for anybody's appreciation, life will be peaceful. You dont need to look for correctness., You dont need to 'show off'.

You will just live 'your own life'. Not the one somebody wished you to live.

1 comment:

  1. I was thinking what if a person looses all sorts of appreciations ? Appreciation is in the mind and I was thinking what if the person habituates ignoring appreciations. It after some evolution, happens to not recognize any sorts of appreciations. Though physically, That person may be having sound health and food, He would be mentally dead. Only he is concerned about getting food. That too, when that person is hungry. In essense, all we need is that. But would there be any use for starving for appreciation ? Why actually the mind strives for appreciation ? It seems an unnecessary wastage of our energy.

    I am working for what I am not interested in. :) I am a within quotes, a Software Engineer. Huh, though !!