Friday, December 5, 2008

How to understand T&C

A Sticker company made its terms & conditions as :

"void where prohibited and only while supplies last."

Which means that :

1. They have a chance of prohibition by governments.
2. But Some Governements did not prohibit their publications as they have not yet published.
3. The Stickers once are finished stocks in the Sticker company, they are not responsible for their existence.
4. Which means that the stickers can be circulated after their stocks are over in the sticker company.
5. So, The sticker company manages to manufacture, publish within a week., and people start using them after a week. Though they are prohibited from the governments by then, people will be using them. So, the governments try to keep quite and wait for people to understand the impact of those stickers and stop using them by themselves. By which time, people think it is 'normal' to use them.

6. Which means now, The sticker manufacturer gets 'requests from people' to manufacture them.
7. Which means people are interested in a prohibited thing.
8. Which means, anything when habituated,

enough said. .

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