Monday, October 10, 2011

I think ridiculously awesome.

Do you believe that someone called dawood ibrahim is living ?
I dont. I assume the realtors of the country could have killed some person with that name and use media to make people afraid of someone and so they make people believe that there is some need for forces in place. Actual gambling is to make people afraid of someone and make them quite for no reason but to rule.

Need to buttcare for us is that all this is done with our money. Money is directly proportional to work.

Do you believe that Philosophers were beaten to death just because they told new things ?
I dont. I assume and believe that all people then were known all the facts. That the earth was round and not tabular, etc. What made them to beat philosophers to death is that they hated the philosophers getting the normal things published in the media and "owning" the thought and thereby get people's ojah. (punyam) All gods are similar. Gods are bitches by birth, and you and I wish to fuck them to give them our own energy. After fucking them, they are the owners of our - no - their invisible energy.

(Hope no one beats me to death. huh. I think none in the current times know this.)
I am not wishing to get others' ojah. Even if someone appreciates, I shit it. yaawk its of others'. hooh.. shit. thoo. spit.

Do you believe that saddam hussain is really dead?
I dont. show me the video of his death. 

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