Sunday, October 2, 2011

Some Meanings to White English

Often, after Americans bitch at innocent people around the world, they talk in front of the media in Pentagon's public relations rooms. Here you find some Common - English - meanings ( Which Common People like you and I should understand as.. ) to their phrases.

  1. No longer a problem = It is Dead
  2. Ethnic Cleansing = We did a genocide ( Killed millions and millions of people)
  3. Friend Fire = Accidentally Fire on Colleague Army Personnel 
  4. Security Assistance = Arms Sales
  5. Neutralize = Kill
  6. Take out = Destroy
  7. Inoperative Combat Personnel = Dead Soldier
  8. Pacification = Bombing
  9. Service a Target = Dropping bombs on a target
  10. Collateral Damage = Bombed Cities
  11. Strategic Redeployment = Retreat
  12. Liberate = Invade
  13. Reporting Guidelines = How to censor
  14. Preemptive = Unprovoked

The fact that language is not innocent and can be used to manipulate the way people perceive things is apparent in Media & Wars.

In fact, Media is an Organized Crime. 

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