Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Strategy of Chromium Web Store - Where the Web - no no - The TV is the business

That is where chrome will dominate other browsers.To make a Web Browser as an Operating System, It has to make sure people will shift towards Desktop Icons to Web Browser Icons. Lots of people are used to use icons now on their desktops. With all that brainshare tapped, Chrome team will make people feel at home on the New Chromium OS.

And surprisingly, Their Icons (Our Application icons) will look "GREAT !!". Who would use firefox then ? shit, I just shit on that once Chrome will bring these Icons. This is called "Social Business". Training People to use the products of Businesses. (Whatever shit or not it makes).
And such a thing on a TV (For Which no one made an OS yet but chrome team) and that TV making Android apps running on it - The Chromium OS has a history in itself. A Strategy that should be understood.

And even surprisingly, Later on, They plan to make the android market apps run on Google TV, which makes the Android can be run on different devices, Flash will be Eye dragging runtime, The TV Screen itself is the Chrome Frame, Who will go to lookout for a Windowed PC ? And the vice versa, If all these stuff if Chrome team does not plan, Who will bother to go to Chrome ?

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