Sunday, October 2, 2011

The Bitch Brain called 10^100

By facilitating and 'educating' the people who are "Free of their choice", Mafia ( By terming it as a Social Business ), Companies make people to use more of their products. There is No benefit for whoever get the funding for development but they end up in a slavery where they use the products of their funders.

This is a collective intelligence of Business Mafia to fool people and to trap them. This game is called "Playing with & by Brain"*. After that, People have no escape once they felt other than to die according to their dictation. So now I understand that Noble prize itself is a Mafia. Why And How. The Business, The Noble Prize Gambles, The Media and Government - Everything are "Organized Crimes" when truth is to be told.

In clear words, Companies fund poor people not because they love them, but because they want some ones to appreciate whatever bullshit the companies generate.

This is something related to evolution. Intended for Big Bastards.

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