Thursday, December 11, 2008

All Gods are Fools.

You know the 'concept' (God) of Rama. Who worked hard ( atleast as a character in the drama ) to keep the value of sticking to a Single spouse. In the same world, You find Krishna ( A character with an imaginary number of belusters ). Take what ever god, no body told you what you needed. And they themselves conflict with their foolish stories. ( Even though they are dramas, your mind believes them ).

Every God ( This Jesus christ seems to be a Grand Fool (May be he is good at heart) which could be a real person killed by media people to make story books and sell to people. ) is a Fool in their own sense.

And people are so useless, all believe some or the other. even I believe 'Universe' is 'created' not 'formed'. ( Or, in my sense, creation and formation are the same things which are selfs )

The Earth is currently lead by Work-hides. I am wishing it could destroy itself.

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