Friday, December 5, 2008

The Beggar - The Ultimate Advertiser.

I am surprised to understand that " Every one who advertises in this world, is a Beggar ".

I happen to see so many beggars with repeating faces. They normally have only one 'character' in the show. (Show' s name is "The Earth and the Real Life.") One lady I see, she has a permanent make up kit, that ugly looking ties around hand and a really ugly saree ( She cares to wear something, She has more sense than a filmy heroine, ofcourse. ) and puts that feeling which says "If you dont donate, this could be my last breath".

Any way, they learned how to impress people and get a rupee for their eating. It has a sense. Particularly in the developed world. They are not asking you anything for free. Only if they could impress you, you 'will give that cost for that advertisement'. They advertise with hard work without even spending any money. If they are asked some money to roam on the streets, they could beg a bit more. may be ten rupees for each time they beg at a person.

I do not see any difference between a bitan watch seller and these beggars. Just that The bitan watch seller begs in TV, the core beggars beg on the road. The bitan watch has a 70% of its cost goes to advertisement cost. Bolgate paste would advertise and impress you to buy it. And it will give about 40% of its cost just for advertising. See anything. You beg god for something. You advertise with a tight jeans pant to show off your Muscles and thighs (to others' wives). And your wife be knowing that you have gone to office on sunday just because you have seen a rat in your home that morning.

Have a happy begging.

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