Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Impact of some thing is the "Reason behind its inception"

Advertizing. The Right, to Choose. ( It was an old thought ). I know that it is otherwise.

Suppose Someone want to sell more and more peanuts ( just because that someone will have its stock by some time). He will look for some day, and fund some people to celebrate Peanut Festival to eat all peanut made items on that day of the month / year. Which is an advertisement, and will become a tradition from there on, which will enable you to easily sell your peanuts. The reason behind that advertisement is this impact. People (You, the Common Men) will think it as if it is a tradition. but it was a Funded Advertisement.

Someone directed a worst movie. You can easily suicide in the theater if there is a fan and you can catch it. But He directed that movie with the money with a hope that All people are fools like him, and this film is gonna be a big hit. But all invited people spit on the screen and went. His Director is used to direct movies like that. His director always invites the same kind of people to watch the movie. And always they go after spitting on the screen. Some vomit. After all happened, His director gave some money to all those people and made an advertisement with them in which they all said, "This movie is gonna rock, it is wonderful." They showed the same thing on the TV and I got the movie hit.

If you people agree for anything if some useless person praises something, what is the use for you that you have a separate brain and separate life ? Why you took a separate brain to live with A complete sensing system ?

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