Sunday, December 14, 2008

Sodexho - What is the impact of it ??

I am thinking constantly for the past 6 months of what could be the impact ( the reason behind its inception ). For a reasonable time, It was not moving further to a constructive thinking. ( So for a few months I happened to ignore it and think about some other things. )

Now I got some leasure, I am trying to think on the impact of this usage of Sodexho. ( My thinking always stops at the truth. Which leads to the solution )

The 'Sodexho coupons' are some paper coupons which are accepted by some shops equivalent as money if you wish to buy food items from them. ( This is meant for trading food items).
The Shops have to submit these coupons for a lesser money ( after deduction of their taxes [TDS] ) at some organization. The First mad thing about this scenario is the organization is a US driven, which means All Indians who use these sodexho are governed by US organizations for their tax liability. Shame that You did not go to a river to jump and die. If you are using Sodexho.

One point is cleared. it is useless. But I am trying to think the Impact of its usage. ( The reason behind its inception. )
What could be the impact. ?? Let us think.. Now the tax is governed by a US organization. India has to beg this organization for its own money. Anyway, now some people got used to this sodexho, so people are supporting a currency lead by US organization, atleast in some parts of India. Which means that this organization can introduce dollars as a reimbursement for these sodexho coupons. So People who have direct US presense in US ( Indian internationals ) will benefit by this. Which means, Indian Internationals are securing their taxes and thereby, their money ( which is India's hard work ) under US people. I dont know how did they believe and incepted this into their organizations. So, The Most rich Indians are legally not paying a part of their tax to Indian government.

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