Sunday, October 2, 2011

Google partnered with Pakistan against India

I started to examine Indian Map since I was in my 4th class, When I had to show Indian Map drew by me, to my teacher. I did it. So I feel I am the witness of the borders. ( At least, How Indian Government told its people ).

Now look at this image...

In the new earth browsers, Jammu & Kashmir is shown as a separate border other than India. 

One part of J&K was shown as if it is controlled by Pakistan ( Pakistan 'controlled' ) 

Some part of it is showed as Indian Controlled J&K. Some other chunk is named something entirely different.

The recent 'Discovery' and 'NGC' channels ( They are funded Mafia, and would tell the people that you are the first telephone maker if you give them money ) shows voiced over (Back ground voice) that 'Ladakh' is a "disputed border" between "China & Pakistan". They did not even mention anything about India. So slowly people ( Not just Indians ) believe that it is the truth. The truth is that what I knew always, that Jammu and Kasmir the complete state is of India. Since Farookh Abdullah was made CM there, he shitted that place and back bitched Indian Government.

But there is a glitch with the MM Singh. He recently made no comments when Farookh made the syllabus of J&K independent of India. Which means, that Farookh is running a madarsah, and a funded muslim jihad, in J&K. Which is acceptable to MM Singh. Which means, He created enormous divide and rule practice for a generation. ( Because, day by day, Children studied there, think as if their syllabus is different, and is not at all in sync with the Indian syllabus. Who knows that they are not being taught jihad on the name of religion ? When they grow up, they argue with Indian students that "Indian Students learnt Bullshit".) 

Being PM of a 1/6 th populated country of the world, Do you think that MM Singh don't know of this impact ? if it feels like that to you, go and ask an appointment with him, and eat his shit and come.

But anyhow, if none of us shouts, It will be "assumed" by International Courts and the UN. So I am shouting here. And I assume that all readers of my blog "heard my shout".

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